Gästpostare: Agnes

Här har ni min andra gästpostare Agnes! Henne kan ni också hitta på instegar under @agneskle. Jag tror ni känner kanske igen henne från några av mina inlägg när jag har varit i Strasbourg med henne.

”Hello, my name is Agnes. I am 17 years old and i come from Norway. I am an exchange student in France for the school year 16/17 with Nicoline. I live in a city called Haguenau which is in the region Alsace. Haguenau is a pretty big town with about 40 000 habitants. It is very close to Germany so a lot of people here speak German and the houses looks very German as well. Haguenau is about 25 minutes from a bigger city called Strasbourg, so I go there sometimes to meet Nicoline and other exchange students.

I go to lycée (high school) in a city which is 5 minutes away, called Bishwiller. There I am in the prémiere L section, which is the literature section in my school. This section is great for exchange students because it has a lot of language classes. The schooldays in France are very long. Usually we finish school at 17.00, except from Wednesday’s where everyone finish at 12.00. In the beginning it was weird to stay in school for so long, but now I have gotten used to it. We have many étudier as well which is free periods, so the days go very fast.

School in French is definitely a new experience and it is very difficult. Sometimes I get very tired because I don’t understand a lot and it is more exhausting than you would think for the brain to translate all the time. I do however understand a lot more now than I did when I got here two and a half months ago! I have already learned very much French, and I am very excited to learn more and to hopefully be fluent in French by the time I go back to Norway in the end of June.

On my spare time I play volleyball. It is a lot of fun, and I have met many nice people through the volleyball! It is also important to keep yourself busy on exchange so that you don’t get as homesick. I also hang out with my host-sister, who is the same age as me, or other people from school. I also like to go to Strasbourg to meet my other exchange student friends.”




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