Gästpostare: Hannah

Som lovad får ni här min första gästpostare! Jag lärde känna henne när vi var på Softlanding Camp i Paris. Om ni har undrat vem tjejen med röda håret är som finns med på några av mina bilder får ni nu svaret. Ni kan hitta Hannah på instagram här: @hannah_myhre. Rekommenderar varmt att följa henne! Men nu kommer hennes inlägg!

”Hello, my name is Hannah and I’m a norwegian exchange student in France. I live in Alsace, in a small village called Hindisheim. The village consists of german-inspired houses and a football court. There is a bit more than 1000 habitants here, so it is not very big.

I go to lycée in a bigger town called Erstein. I take a touristbus to school every moring, and it leaves Hindisheim 7.32, so even when I start school 9.00 I’ll have to take the bus 7.32 and wait an hour at school. On mondays and thursdays my day ends at 18.00, which is crazy. At those days I’m literally at school for 10 hours straight! But it is all good, because I have good friends to hang out with. Wednsdays are by far the most chill days, my first class is at 9.00 and my schoolday ends at 12.00! At noon I go home and make a nice lunch by.

I go in the ES-class, which is Economics and Social studies, and it is kinda fun, but a bit hard to understand with the thought of everything being in french. Speaking of bus-hours. On tuesdays school ends at 16.00 and fridays school ends at 14.30, but the first bus home leaves at 16.45. This has given me a lot of time to discovers the differnt parts of Erstein, and I realize that it is actually a very beautiful town. It has the typical alsacian houses, the cute stores and amazing churches.

My french is actually getting better! Me and my hostparents went to the cinema the other day to watch the new Bridget Jones movie, and it was (of course) with french audio. But it was surprisingly easy to understand the different words. That is some real progress, because for a month ago I would’ve bearly understood a word.




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